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We are Robert and Shelley Caltrider and we have been together as young adults and reconnected as adults, married in 2003. So, basically high-school sweet hearts. Reconnected, a beautiful love story but, yet struggles like anyone else in life and with life and health we have pushed forward by the grace of God.

Myself (Shelley) worked in the retail industry for many years until life left me with some different turns in my road and where it lead me. Creating and helping others made me and my heart thrive. My husband has been in law enforcement for many years and then opened his own business in construction and Contracting Services in 2008 when economy hit its lows. To this day we strive to keep pushing and finding ways to cut corners and still make things work and beautify things on a budget.

With this being said we noticed a need to help brides and families out in Events and special occasions. To help them cut corners but not the Beauty of it. Seeing this with our own kids and seeing the price of having weddings and different occasions has risen over the years and putting a burden on families.

So here we are, collecting unique finds and the basics to help you in making your event what you dream of!

Robert and Shelley Caltrider
Owners of Honeyville Garden Events and Rentals, LLC

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